Resources on "Why Believe The Bible?"

Resources on, "Why Believe The Bible?"

  • "The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict", by Josh McDowell  (You can Google Josh McDowell on the internet and get many articles that are helpful on evidence for the Christian faith.  He was a pre law student who set out to disprove Christianity, and ended up becoming a Christian instead.
  • "How Reliable is the Bible?", by Judson Poling, study guide by Willow Creek Resources and Zondervon 
  • "Know Why You Belive" by Paul Little
  • "The New Testament Documents:  Are They Reliable?" by F.F. Bruce

Most of the above books available at Selah Christian Bookstore in Redlands

Bible dramatized on CD for those who don't like to read the Bible - -Check out the "Word of Promise" New Testament on CD.  Professional actors - Jim Caveizel as Jesus, Marisa Tomei, Richard Dreyfuss, Stacy Keach and excellant musical score and sound effects make the Bible come alive.  Great for getting the Bible while exercising, commuting, etc.  Available form the Christian Research Institute at www.equip.org  Click on their estore.

Also for an interesting exchange on tough questions about faith, you can check out the debate with Rick Warren and atheist Peter Harris from Newsweek at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17889148/site/newsweek/print/1/displaymode/1098/